CertiFire Door - CDX Range

  • The CDX range of Fire Rated Doors from Cardea Door Systems are custom made in a range of configurations.
  • High performance, engineered to your specific requirements.
  • Fire rated up to 240mins (integrity only).
  • Tested to BS EN 1634-1: 2000.
  • High levels of aesthetic quality.

Product Description

The Cardea Door Systems CDX range of Fire Doors are fully certified Fire Rated Doors. The CDX range is available in a variety of fire performances designed to provide the requisite fire performance, together with complementary aesthetic qualities. Fire rated up to 240mins (integrity only) with smoke control as required. All Cardea Door Systems CDX Fire Doors have been tested to BS EN 1634-1: 2000.


Cardea Personnel Doors are manufactured to withstand the rigorous requirements of high use of both internal and external access. Complete with a wide range of hardware to suit your access requirements. Also available with mechanical and electrical access to work with any access control system.


Warehouse / Factories / Workshop & Stores / Supermarkets / Distribution Centres / Hospitals / Laboratories / Pharmaceutical Factories / Industrial, Commercial & Retail Units

Fire Rating

Also available Fire Rated up to 240mins (integrity only)

product features

Door Leaf

Manufactured from 1.2mm thick Zintec sheet. Sourced to comply with BS EN 10152: 2009 (DC01 + ZE 25/25). In filled with a bonded honeycomb core. Folded to form a 45mm thick door leaf. For additional security an astragal is folded into the leading edge of the door leaf.

Door Frame

Manufactured from 1.5mm thick Zintec sheet. Sourced to comply with BS EN 10152: 2009 (DC01 + ZE 25/25). Folded to form a 102mm single rebate frame with 38mm face.

Mitred and welded options also available.

Powder Coated

Finish to a standard APP 120 powder, with a 5 year warranty and a design life expectancy of 12 years.

Note: Colours that are only available in a metallic finish will incur additional charges.

Warranties and life expectancy are subject to recommended maintenance schedules being adhered to. Doors which are installed in a marine or coastal area could require the standard specification to be upgraded. This will also have an effect on the warranty of our products.


Supplied, tested and certified in accordance with EN1935 Grade 13.

We supply dog bolt hinges as standard.

Vision Panels

Available in a wide range of sizes, to suit single or double glazed units.


Available in a wide range of sizes to suit your free area requirements and can be supplied with insect or bird mesh.

Overpanels /Fanlights /Sidepanels

Available in solid, glazed or louvred applications.

Door Seals

Weather, draught and smoke cold control sealing is achieved using self-adhesive tubular neoprene compression, which is fitted into the door frame rebate and along the central meeting seal for double doors.


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