CDX Range

Our Bespoke Steel Doors range combine versatility, enhanced durability and visual appeal, designed and made at our UK manufacturing facility, engineered to our customers’ specific requirements. All of our doors are designed by our team of in-house engineers to your exact requirements and manufactured on short lead times, ensuring that whether you need just a basic door or something out of the ordinary you can have peace of mind that all your required features are built into the door from the outset and not added to a modified ‘stock’ door.
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Suitable for a wide range of functions our doors are designed with inherent strength and rigidity and provide solutions for even the most challenging of applications.

Whether used internally in high traffic corridors, access controlled areas or externally in the harshest of marine or chemical rich environments our doors are designed to offer optimum performance and cost effective solutions over their full operating cycle.

They are widely specified in commercial, retail, sports & leisure, educational, transport, health and pharmaceutical sectors. All our doors are designed and custom made using the latest CAD and CNC software and manufactured using computer controlled machinery.

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